Smoker's Paradise Guide to Different Type of Bongs

Smoker's Paradise Guide to Different Type of Bongs

Over the years the variety of water pipes has increased drastically, this is probably to due with the fact that smokers from all over the world preferences have changed. While some users prefer certain details for their pipes, such as a certain perc or unique deign incorporated, others are more concerned with the basic shape of their pipe. After the style of the pipe has been decided upon, then users can choose a preferred material, color, and accessory pieces for their pipes. The differences between water pipe shapes is explained below:


Recyclers have two chambers to their body—one for where the original smoke hits the water and one for filtering the vapor-filled water upward toward the mouthpiece. After the user takes there hit the smoke flows down into the original chamber to be “recycled” again.This allows for the vapor to be filtered in the water for longer and prevents the vapor from going stale as it doesn’t have much contact with oxygen before inhalation, ensuring the best taste from each hit. Because of their intricate design, recyclers are a bit more expensive than most water pipes, but they also don’t require extra filtration devices, because they are typically already built it. 

Beaker Bottom

This design is much like the straight tube beakers you see in your high school science class,only it has a larger, flared bottom. This makes it less accident prone, and also leaves room for extras like ice and bigger percs. Because of the wider base, beaker bottom pipes can be a little harder to clear than a straight tube, and percs will also add drag to each inhalation. However, beaker bongs can definitely get the job done, and are more traditional.

Straight Tube

This is the most basic of all water pipe designs as it is literally just a straight tube. The user fills the bottom with water, places their product in the downstem, and inhales the smoke through the top of the tube. Users can choose downstems with diffusers to mix it up a bit, but the overall design is pretty basic. The only negatives of this design is that it is easily knocked over, which can cause spilling and breakage. The postive to straight tubes is that they are easy to clear and easy to clean.


These water pipes differ from the other two in that the neck of the pipe is in the shape of a “Z” to prevent spilling. Even if the pipe falls over, the shape of the neck catches all of the water before it has a chance to spill out. Many zongs have a beaker or bubble shaped bottoms to compensate for the weight of the neck.


These pipes are a hybrid between a hand pipe and a water pipe. They are convenient to take on-the-go as they are much smaller than the average water pipe. Users have to be careful, though, not to accidentally suck up water when they are inhaling the smoke. Since bubbler's are typically smaller in size the crevices may be harder to clean. This type of pipe can be handy for users who like the idea of a smaller hand pipe, but also enjoy the smoother hits of a water pipe.

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